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Sportmarket released  further upgrades to their service in recent days, including NFL second half lines , improved deposit and withdrawl options, plus an API facility, you can read about all that at the foot of this post, you can read about all their other offerings in this article on the clubgowi website.  You bet, you need Sportmarket Pro.



On the back of the second half lines being available on Pro, I wrote the following to subscribers this morning ……………


We spoke about Sportmarket Pro now having NFL second half lines in the week and I know many of you follow the games in running, so I think I will post some basic stats for the last two quarters, which you may find of interest, over the final three weeks of the regular season. Denver have scored 8.8 second half road points, conceding 13.0 (net -4.2), at home, Indianapolis are 5.5 and 13.2 respectively (-7.7), the Broncos road numbers are not too bad given they are 0-6 away from Denver and that they have played teams with an average home record of 4.5-2.17 (all winning teams as host).


How teams play the latter stages of any game is largely dictated by the score, if trailing heavily they are likely to go mainly with a passing game to try and score quickly and that of course, can result in more volatile scoring, the reverse is true and teams will look to run and get the clock moving when leading. But we are talking stats for all games regardless of scoreline.  The Colts numbers are bad, only seven teams hosting this round have a net minus average per game at home, only two are worse than -2.6, 11 teams are between -2.6 and +2.5 so we have a fairly narrow band and Colts are -7.7, which is way out of line with almost everyone. Given how draining a game they had on Sunday, it is easy to see that trend continuing through the second half tonight.


NFL “in play” betting can be very profitable, in addition to the stats like those above which have value once we have half a season of more to base them on, there are some basic guidelines which stand the test of time as oddsmakers have their hands tied in terms of what they offer in many situations, as they know which way the bulk of the money is likely to come. I will share a couple of these with you on Sunday, but as with much of what I write, they will have value beyond then and the idea of the notes is to provide food for thought and not to spoon feed…………and in the words of Christopher Wallace …..if you don’t know, now you know !


My notes for the Thursday night game also included …………


Indianapolis were expecting to have Ryan Kelly back (see above), but he missed practice yesterday after being listed as a full participant and is now out, they will lose wide receiver Donte Moncrief and that is bad with T.Y misfiring and the Broncos having perhaps the best pair of cornerbacks in the NFL. Now I hear that Indianapolis cornerback Nate Hairston is also sidelined ( the 49ers had 350 + yards of passing in the only start he missed this season) and this is all starting to look bad ! The confirmed team news only became freely available overnight.

I can also share with you the second half respective home/away second half net points (as above) for the weekend games…….


Bears @ Lions +1.7 / +3.8

Chargers @ Chiefs +5.0/ +2.4

Dolphins @ Bills -4.7/ -2.0

Ravens @ Browns -2.3/ -2.0

Bengals @ Vikings -5.5/ +3.2

Jets @ Saints -7.9/ +0.9

Eagles @ Giants +4.1/ – 11.5

Cardinals @ Redskins -7.3/ -2.6

Packers @ Panthers +2.8/ +0.6

Texans @ Jags -6.7/ +0.5

Rams @ Seahawks +3.4/ +8.7

Patriots @ Steelers +4.3/+1.2

Titans @ 49ers -3.7/ -1.8

Cowboys @ Raiders +4.3/ +2.5

Falcons @ Bucs  +1.6/ -0.3


I will put some meat on those bare bones in the Saturday/Sunday previews, but they are good starting points if you are following any games “in running”.


clubgowi notes for the last three weeks of the NFL regular season and post season right through to the Super Bowl are available at a special low rate for this week, email gowi8@btinternet.com for details, or use the website contact form.


Good Luck !


Sportmarket API


Over the years we have had requests from many customers asking us to provide an API that can be used for placing bets through Sportmarket.

Finally, it is now available!

If you are interested in using the API we advise you to contact us for more information. We can then provide you with the documentation for the API and the commercial terms for using the API.

New payment options

Quick and cheap transactions with Sportmarket are very important both for you as a customer and for Sportmarket as a business. Apart from aiming to always process withdrawals within 24 hours from your request we also strive to add more payment methods. In line with that we are happy to announce that we now accept Bitcoin and instant transfers in EUR through TransferWise.


Sportmarket now accepts deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin. The conversion to/from your account currency will be at the rate presented at www.xe.com at the time when we credit/debit your account, less a 1% fee. In order to deposit or withdraw in Bitcoin we kindly ask you to get in touch with our support for more information.


TransferWise started as a service for bank transfers with cheap currency conversions, where you make a transfer to another country but pay to a local bank and the receiver get funds from a local bank in his/her country. It works in most countries.

Through cooperations with real banks, TransferWise can now also provide you with a real bank account in EUR in a German bank (and some other currencies in other banks). They call that type of account a Borderless Account. Soon they will also be able to provide Debit Cards connected to the Borderless Account.

Sportmarket has identified that TransferWise will be a perfect substitute for other eWallets (like Skrill and Neteller) for most our customers as they can use the service as an eWallet with cheap conversion rates and minimal fees.

Sportmarket also holds a Borderless Account, meaning we can make instant transactions with customers having a Borderless Account at a fixed rate of only €0,60 per transaction. And, best of all, the transactions will be processed in REAL TIME!

You can find more information about TransferWise here and more general details about them on their website where you also can set up your account with them.


American Football – 2nd half lines 

In the last few weeks we have added 2nd half lines for American Football. You need to activate it from Settings and we receommend that you use the Quick Settings, accessed by clicking the icon in the upper right on the trade page, as you then get the options for that particular sport.

We hope that we can to add 2nd half lines for Basketball as well pretty soon.




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